Sunday, November 6, 2016


Hello, my loves! I must apologize to you for not writing in a while, I am so sorry. For today, I decided to write you about my apps that are my favorite ones to use every day!!

1. Snapchat

I like Snapchat because of the lovely filters it has! It's quite nice app, but it takes up a lot of memory, so it can lag your device. But it works perfect for me and I really like using it!


You can find any kind of photo you want! Wallpapers, some good quotes, photo captions, photography ideas, literally everything! It's free, it has very simple design and it doesn't take up a lot of memory!


I am fascinated with this app! It has so beautiful filters, and it's so nice, simple and amazing! In one of my posts, I have written about how I edited my photo in VSCO!

4. Instagram

My number one is definitely Instagram! I use the app 24/7. I simply adore it! I love discovering new people, looking for nice images and new people to follow and meet! ☺

5. Glitch

This is very weird photo editor. It doesn't have filters or etc, it has very nice effects that you can use if you are making tumblr photos! I love this app so much and I reccomend everyone to download it ! ☺

6. Adobe Photoshop

This is free Adobe Photoshop for phones! It's very easy to use it, it has plenty of filters that make your photo look professional.

7. Camu

This app is very similar to Retrica, but this one hasn't got many filters to use. I could characterize filters as kinda vintage!

8. Hunt for style

I am in love with this app! Like totally in love!!!You can find outfit ideas for any occasion you want! It's very fun to discover new styles, new outfits, and you can never get bored by using this app! It's definitely a must-have for everyone!!!

Amna ♥

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  1. Odlican post! Za neke od ovih aplikacija sam znala,ali za pojedine nisam nikad cula!

  2. Odličan post! Ako želiš uzvarti praćenje! ♥

  3. Super si napravila selekciju, moram skinuti Hunt for style da vidim kako funkcionise ;) Hvala za komentar i pracenje! Uzvracam! Pozzz

  4. Odličan post, za većinu od ovih aplikacija sam čula, a najviše koristim instagram <3
    Učlanila sam se u tvoj blog, pa ako želiš uzvrati <3

  5. Jako zanimljiv post.Za sve aplikacije sam cula ali instagram najvise koristim.♥

    Clan sam tvog bloga ako zelis uzvrati:

  6. Predivne su aplikacije. Isprobala sam svaku <3

  7. odlične aplikacije :D

  8. Odličan post!
    Zapratila sam te<3

  9. Super post. Većinu sam ih koristila, ali za neke od aplikacija nisam ni čula :). Ali ako mi zatrebaju znam gdje ih mogu pronaći ;). Hvala ti na tome :*

    Novi post ---> Moj mali kutak

  10. Odličan post, imamo iste aplikacije! <3

  11. Hah, naravno Instagram na prvom mestu :). Odlicna ideja i aplikacije!
    Uclanila sam se na tvoj blog pa ako zelis uzvrati:

  12. Prva tri su nam iste :D ne znam da li vise vremena provedem na Instagramu ili na We Heart it♥

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  13. Haha ,jako zanimljiv post drafa :* I ja najviše vremena provedem na instagramu,malo je reći da mi je to omiljena društvena mreža <3
    Imaš follow,ako želiš uzvrati :)

  14. Odlican post!Takodje i ja volim instagram,we heart it..

    Nova sam,objavila sam prvi post,svaka podrska mi znaci :


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