Sunday, October 9, 2016


Hello everyone! In my first post, I will show you very useful, helpful and amazing beauty hacks you must know!

1. Broken lipstick

Has your lipstick ever been broken? You probably threw him away after that. Well, you shouldn't. I have an amazing hack how to fix the problem. When your lipstick breaks, take a lighter and spin it around the place where the lipstick's broken for about 5-10 seconds. After that, wait your lipstick until it dries,and VOILA! You can use your lipstick again.

2. How to put concealer properly

Most of you put concealer by dotting it on your dark circles. Well, that's not the correct way. The way that will give you much more coverage is the 'triangle method'. You just gotta draw a triangle. Trust me, you will see the result.

3. DIY Nail strengthener

This DIY is so life-saving. I tried it and it worked very good for me. But, eh, you just gotta wait a while... Take any kind of clear polish you have, and then chop some onion. Then all you got to do is to put the onion into the clear polish. Wait for a few days(I recommend 6-7) and you can start using your nail strengthener!

4. Amazing tip for bigger lashes

This one is super easy, and super helpful, too. After you apply your first coat of mascara, take a q-tip and put some baby powder on it, and then apply it to you lashes. When you're done, apply some mascara again. I find this one very good. At first I didn't thought it was going to work, but I regret what I said the moment I did it!

5. Weird hair mask for split ends

Have you ever tried using mayonnaise for your hair? Well, you should definitely give it a try! All you need is some mayonnaise and essential oil, to keep your hair smell good. Massage mayonnaise into your dry sections, leave in on for the next 15-20 minutes, and then wash your hair as you usually do.

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