Tuesday, April 25, 2017



If you have a highlighter that isn't much pigmented, or you just want your highlighter to be very shiny, there is a very simple tip. Apply some vaseline or even lip balm on the place where you want your highlighter to be, and then add highlight.


I am sure that you have this pencil somewhere in your makeup bag, but you never use it. Actually, you should. If  you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply pencil to your lower lid!


 If you don't want to spend bunch of money on expensive eyebrow gel, you can make your own. All you need is a container, brown shadow and hair gel. Put shadow and gel into container and mix it. Done!


 If you don't have loose powder, you can also use baby powder for baking. The process is the same. But note - don't bake for too long!


If you mascara is dried up, don't throw it away! Instead, just add a little bit of eye drops or saline solution.

Hope you liked it!☺♥

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I know it's been a trend to have big lips like Kylie Jenner's nowadays, and I have done research on how to plump your lips, without any surgeries.


You may actually know about this, but I am going to tell you anyways. Exfoliation helps you to get bigger lips, and actually, it's recommended to exfoliate your lips about twice a week. Exfoliation will improve your blood circulation and make them appear bigger. How to exfoliate your lips? The answer is very easy. You only need a toothbrush. Scrub your lips using a toothbrush for about 30 seconds, optionally you can add some honey.

Use limp plumper

You can buy lip-plumping products on E-bay, where I've bought mine, but you can also find glosses that give your lips the plump effect. Of course, the result won't be drastic, but it will make a difference. If you don't want to invest in lip plumpers, here are some natural lip plumpers:
Peppermint oil - add two drops of peppermint oil to your lip balm, and use it regularly.
Cinnamon oil - This works the same way as a peppermint oil. You might feel a tingling sensation when you apply it, but it will dessaper quickly.

Lip exercises

There are actually lip exercises you can do to make your lips a little bit bigger.
Whistle - how does whistle help? Well, by whistling, you use lip muscles, so if you want bigger lips, build your muscles! Whistle every day for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Smile and kiss - Smile for a few seconds, and then pucker your lips and push them forward as if you are going to kiss someone.

Makeup tricks 

If you are going to a party, or simply going out, and you want bigger lips, here are some hacks you should definitely try!
Overline - you all probably know about this one, but it's important for me to tell you that. Just use lip liner similar to your lipstick color, and slightly overline your lips.
Avoid dark colors - if you want to achieve effect of bigger lips, use nude or pinkish colors, not the dark ones, because they flatten the appearance of your mouth.
Ombre - Apply one color all over your mouth, and then take white liner, or, if you don't have it, use any lighter color and apply it in the middle of your lips.
Highlight - After you're done with putting lipstick or lipgloss, take some of highlighter and put it on your cupid's bow.

I hope this will be helpful to all of you ☺
Love you ♥

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Guys, I am so sorry for not writing, I really had no idea what to write about! Happy holidays to everyone, I wish you all the best ♥
I have seen so much weird beauty tools, and I was like "Do people really use that?". I want you to write your opinion, and tell me, would you ever use any of them.

Rubber lips
Besides of looking creepy, I don't se any reason why would you use this. These lips are supposed to make your face look slimmer, but I just can't figure out how. All you have to do is to put them on your mouth, and make vowel sounds, and allegedly it can give you the effect of face lift without surgery. 

Nose Straightener
You have big nose, and you don't want to go to the surgery? I'm bringing you the solution - nose straightener. It's actually very easy to use this tool. You just plug it in your nose for about 20 minutes each day, and it will straighten your nose. Actually, this type of tool works, but only for shorter period of time!

Lip Enhancer
This tool can make your lips look like Kylie Jenner's or Angelina Jolie's, and it actually works! You place this device around your mouth and then suck air out of it. It's pretty simple, but expensive, about 20$. My easier solution is - just grab the cap of deodorant if you like this idea, and voila! Saved money, plus, bigger lips! 

Help my finger
For people with damaged nails, this is true salvation. This mask will moisten and brighten your nails. You use it by washing your hands and removing your nail polish, then you simply cover your nails with these sheets, and leave them for about 10 to 15 minutes.

I hope you liked this post, I was really looking forward to write it! 
Write your suggestions and honest opinions! ☺

I love you all,

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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Well, hi there! What's up? December has already begun! I can't belive it! Time passes so quickly.
Since we all like taking photos, selfies, etc, I'm bringing you best photo editing apps!


Afterlight is one amazing photo editing app! It has plenty of filters, even three categories, and of course, you can adjust every filter. Afterlight has got film effects too. The interface itself is very beautiful and uncluttered. Afterlight includes a huge library of frames, some of them are basic, you even have different shapes, letters and numbers! Overall. I think Afterlight makes photo much prettier.


Snapseed was an app of the year 2011! It provides wide range of tools and filters. You can convert any photo to black and white, to add brightness, saturation, sharpness, etc. Actually, Snapseed is almost like any other photo editing app - with filters, basic tools, nice interface with ability of sharing photos directly on social media.


 Aviary's lightweight photo editing app and very easy to use. There are lots of editing and enhancing tools. Also, the app has some additional filters that you can buy for 0.99$ each. Aviary is very fun to use and makes some grat photos! You can write on them, add amazing effects and filters for free. For people who like memes, they will be happy when they found out that Aviary can create memes!


Cupslice Photo Editor is a basic, easy to use, free way to put filters on your photos. The app doesn't take up a lots of space, just 15 MB. It has more than 400 fun stickers. Supslice has the ability to add text to photos, with some amazing fonts and effects! If you like making fun photos, I highly recommend you this app!

Guys, I hope you liked this post ☺
Have a nice weekend.

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Friday, November 25, 2016


Hello everyone!
I want to introduce you to the recent Balkan trends. Some of them are pretty good, but some of them are completely failure.
I've seen a couple of YouTube videos about this theme, so I wanted to write you about it, too.


They are literally everywhere. Almost all the girls have these type of shoes. I find them pretty and cute. They are kinda 90's style, and I absolutely LOVE 90's!!


The braids are originally called Dutch braids. I actually dislike them. I find them ugly and I wouldn't wear them. They wouldn't even suit me. But there are people that looks great with this type of braids!


I've seen many fails from this style. Crop tops are actually good-looking, but some people just don't know how to suit it. Girls have lost the concept about how to style the crop top, but the ones who know, they slay!


Chokers appeared back in the 90's and as I said, I love 90's!! They are mostly worn by tumblr, grunge or rock girls, how I noticed.You can suit choker with almost any kind of outfit, you'll never go wrong!

I hope you liked this post!

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Saturday, November 19, 2016


First of all, I want to thank you for 100 followers! Love you ♥
Because Dose of Colors is very popular Instagram brand, many people use it in their beauty videos, I decided to write you about them! I don't really know the exact price, they cost about 20$ online.
It's really hard to find them anywhere, because they as soon as they come, get out of the stock.

People like long-lasting products, and this is one of them! But they don't like the removal proccess, because it takes too long.
Personally, I like them, because they are very easy to apply, they are matte, and can last for many hours, even when you eat, drink, etc.

Meet Truffle! Truffle is a beautiful warm caramel color with pink undertones. It's ideal 'nude' shade! Applying is very easy and it takes about minute or two to be completely dry!

It’s a very bright plum color, and actually, not very dark. Formula is vegan friendly, cruelty, gluten and paraben-free. The color stays on your lips even when you wipe it with make-up remover.

The only thing I don't like about them is that they get dry after few hours and it starts to crack. But overall, it's pretty good, and it even gives your lips a plump-effect!

See ya next time, xoxo

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Sunday, November 13, 2016


I'm sure you know about the Zaful website! For those who don't, it's a page where you can buy clothes, accessories, shoes, basically all the girl stuff. I have made my wishlist from that page, and now I'll show it to you!

1. Short boots

I have been looking for this type of shoes in my city, but unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere. They are so in my style, and I find them pretty amazing! 

2. Led Zeppelin shirt

This shirt looks so fabulous! I love Led Zeppelin, they are one of my favorite bands ever.

3. Black skirt

This is just a simple black skirt, but to me, it's so beautiful, because I like skirts, and I love black color!

4. Small backpack

I actually do have a similar backpack, but I want this one too! It's very useful. You can carry more things than you can carry in your bag, and to me, it even looks better. I would absolutely love to buy this packback, and I will, someday!!

I hope you liked my wishlist! How do you like these things? Comment below!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016


I'm very excited about writing this post. I am the person who loves make-up and I spend all my money on it, all the time. I mean, which girls doesn't do that? I especially like lipsticks. I've got many lipsticks, but I set aside a couple of them I absolutetly love and now I am going to write you about them!

1. Golden Rose Velvet Matte 33

I've always wanted a black lipstick, but I couldn't find the one that's good. Until I found this one. It's very very cheap, about 2.7 $. Texture is very creamy. It contains moisturizes which make the lips smooth and soft. It stays on lips for hours. I am in love with this one !

2. Farmasi True Color 30

Another dark lipstick! I recieved this one as a gift from Farmasi, so I don't know the exact price of it. It has got no great pigmentation. Durability of the lipstick depends on what you're doing. If you are eating, the lipstick will be removed. It's very easy to apply the lipstick, and it smells amazing! Lips are very soft when you apply it, and I recommend this to everyone!!

3. Golden Rose lipstick 106

This is an excellent lipstick, and it's bright one. It provides good coverage, which can last for hours. Creates very shiny lips and it glides on very easily. This one is cheap too, about 2$ and maybe a little bit more. 

4. Farmasi Zen lipstick 02

It's very bright lipstick which makes your lips very soft and moisturized. It does not fall off easily, it can last even for a couple hours! The price is about 4$.

You can see how bright is it, but I like it very much!

I hope you like the post!
NOTE: This post was not sponsored in any way!


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Sunday, November 6, 2016


Hello, my loves! I must apologize to you for not writing in a while, I am so sorry. For today, I decided to write you about my apps that are my favorite ones to use every day!!

1. Snapchat

I like Snapchat because of the lovely filters it has! It's quite nice app, but it takes up a lot of memory, so it can lag your device. But it works perfect for me and I really like using it!


You can find any kind of photo you want! Wallpapers, some good quotes, photo captions, photography ideas, literally everything! It's free, it has very simple design and it doesn't take up a lot of memory!


I am fascinated with this app! It has so beautiful filters, and it's so nice, simple and amazing! In one of my posts, I have written about how I edited my photo in VSCO!

4. Instagram

My number one is definitely Instagram! I use the app 24/7. I simply adore it! I love discovering new people, looking for nice images and new people to follow and meet! ☺

5. Glitch

This is very weird photo editor. It doesn't have filters or etc, it has very nice effects that you can use if you are making tumblr photos! I love this app so much and I reccomend everyone to download it ! ☺

6. Adobe Photoshop

This is free Adobe Photoshop for phones! It's very easy to use it, it has plenty of filters that make your photo look professional.

7. Camu

This app is very similar to Retrica, but this one hasn't got many filters to use. I could characterize filters as kinda vintage!

8. Hunt for style

I am in love with this app! Like totally in love!!!You can find outfit ideas for any occasion you want! It's very fun to discover new styles, new outfits, and you can never get bored by using this app! It's definitely a must-have for everyone!!!

Amna ♥

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Monday, October 24, 2016


We all know Halloween is coming, so this time I decided to write you some of my top unknown horror movies. Probably you have never heard of the movies I will write about, but I suggest you to watch them, they are pretty scary!

1. Goodnight, mommy

This movie talks about twins boys whose mother had a face changing surgery. Within time, they started to ask if the person under the bandages is really their mother, and that's where trouble begins.

2.  The Cellar Door

A young woman is imprisoned in the basement of a serial killer. The killer has put her in a wooden cage and he wants her to play sick games with him.Rudy decides to play the game looking for a chance to escape.

3. The woman in black

This movie talks about a ghost who is harassing little kids by tampering them to commit suicide. It's old, I have to say, from 1989, so the production isn't the best, but the movie is giving chills!

4. Lake Mungo

The story of Alice,mysterious young girl who disappeared while swimming in the lake. Later is discovered that she went "to a better place" with few secrets.Memorable, clever, original, and at times - simply creepy.

5. The loved ones

After a popular high school student politely refuses the invitation of school freak to a prom, soon he ends up drugged and tied up to a chair in her living room, where he is forced to attend a sickening meal with her parents. What follows is an hour of time psychological and physical torture for the guy, while in parallel we follow the desperate attempts of his beloved girlfriend and his estranged mother to find him.

I hope you will watch some of this movies, or maybe all of them!